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Supergirl Recap – Human for a Day

By Madison Kennedy


Season 1, Episode 7 RECAP !
Well guys… that was an amazing episode CBS broadcasted last night : two new characters introduced 🙂

During a violent earthquake National City experiences, one of the alien kept at the DEO facility escapes. It’s the telepath Jemm, who has been guarded in a glass cell that has neural shielding. He’s considered as one of the most dangerous criminals from Fort Rozz, claims he’s conqueror of 12 worlds and Son of Saturn.

Supergirl lost her powers dealing in the last episode with Red Tornado, she’s completely drained and left to experience life as a human. The DEO been aware of that, locks down the facility and tries to capture back Jemm on their own, without the help of Supergirl; Kara takes a “day off” her superhero duties, and catches a cold, breaks her arm during the earthquake, and feels panicked from not recovering her powers, and useless without them. After seeing a man die in her arms, she’s desperate because she couldn’t save him, but James Olsen (who she has a crush on) cheers her up and she decides she can try to be a hero even if she never gets back her superpowers again. She wants to do as much good as she can, no matter her abilities : and that’s what a real superhero is about !

While a guy is robbing a store, we get to see an amazing scene, where both Cat Grant and Kara, give a crossed-speech. Cat inspires hope to people in the midst of the natural catastrophe happening in National City, and Supergirl convinces the robber that he, and everyone else, is better than acting criminally in a situation of crisis. It was one of the most beautiful, and empowering moment of the show yet, where I think the viewers got to see how women can make a positive change and be relied on, even during extreme circumstances, that they can help and thrive to greater.

This is exactly why I started to watch this show, there is so many superhero series right now, but I always felt that what was missing for me, is a strong female lead character, that could embody the braveness (just the same as other male main characters do). Melissa Benoist who plays Kara, is fantastic in her role, and I’m really glad TV has given a chance for a storyline like this to happen, and hope this first season goes well and we get many other shows in the future, about female superheroes !

So, getting back to the episode… of course, Supergirl gets her powers back. She goes on and saves the city once more 🙂 While her sister, in lockdown at the DEO facility, finds out that her superior Hank Henshaw, is actually not human after he beats down Jemm BE PREPARED FOR THIS because he is the Martian Manhunter HOLY MOLYYY – 1) finally we know his secret identity 2) what the hell ! he’s J’onn J’onnzz that’s awesome ! 3) I didn’t see that coming, I was super excited when I saw that, until Astra showed up (Kara’s aunt) and seemed to kidnap Supergirl… I can’t believe we have to wait one week to see what’s up with that ! Why did they cut the episode like this ! AAAAAAHHHHH ! *Madison Kennedy has gone mad* bye’



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