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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 (Movie Review)

By Madison Kennedy


*oh well, idk why I’m writing in caps BUT I’M FEELING IT*

… and, as would Finnick say “Welcome to the 76th Hunger Games”
as for me I’ll just add, holy moly the sheeet is starting !

Haymitch was right when he said¬†in Catching Fire “This trip doesn’t end when¬†you get back home, you never get off this train” as a metaphor to¬†the Games; since Katniss survived the 75th Hunger Games, her life has spiraled to some epic points. In the latest two movies she is the face of the Revolution, unifying all 13 districts into rebels against The Capitol & Panem, she became a symbol of hope and freedom : the Mockingjay.

It’s definitively war time and Katniss has but one goal, to kill President Snow who brought so much pain in her life, and of those innocent ones.¬†He threatened to kill her family, and expose her love for Gale when the world thought she was engaged to Peeta, turning people against her… he put her in the Hunger Games twice, which almost destroyed her and left with trauma. Katniss is decided to end those games once for all, and she made Snow her target.

But President Snow has no intention of letting her win. For this finale movie, he turned the entire city of Panem around his mansion into a lethal arena. It’s as if for Katniss and her Victor friends, being back in the Hunger Games once again, except this one is¬†designed by the gamemakers to kill them fast, and in that measure all traps are deadly, and brutally effective. Armed with a special device called the “holo”, the rebels are going to try and avoid most of those traps, while¬†peacekeepers actively search for them. A real maze of horrors, where even mutts are released to pursue them.

Despite all of Snow’s efforts, Katniss manages to break into his mansion and awaits the execution day, where she will finally get to put an arrow through him and end this cruel man’s life. President Coin, from district 13, who has set herself as¬†replacement of Snow, authorizes that action but decides to re-establish the Hunger Games.¬†She chooses the Tributes to be picked from the¬†youth¬†of Panem, as a payback for taking during 75 years kids from all the 13 districts. Katniss after hearing that, and discovering that Coin launched an attack that killed her sister Prim, changes her mind on execution day and shoots an arrow to Coin’s heart, killing her instantly.

The crowd around Katniss¬†becomes uncontrollable¬†and kills Snow, while she¬†escapes with the help of her friends Haymitch, Effie and Plutarch, to district 12, where she’ll find Peeta. The movie ends on a bright note, and it’s well deserved for Katniss and Peeta. They’re showed¬†looking happy¬†together, and with¬†two children. Panem is governed by a wise woman, President Paylor, who is praised by the people. Gale, after getting closure from Katniss, moved on to district 2 working¬†for the new government.

For my conclusion I’ll be¬†completely¬†subjective and say I loved this movie, so¬†of course I recommend it… (like 1000000%). I feel like they didn’t waste any time on anything and showed to the fans everything they’d really want to see. I’m sad it’s over, but let’s be thankful for¬†DVDs –¬†I think what I like the most about this series is how dark and deep it can get, the whole Panem / Capitol / Districts / Hunger Games are a metaphor of our own world, how the politics and media treat¬†people,¬†which really gets me. Also I kinda admire the acting : Jennifer Lawrence is committed as always, and everyone seems serious about being in character. Anyways, thank you for these amazing four movies ! To whoever worked on them : you did an awesome job.

May the odds be ever in your favor !
Madison Kennedy


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