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Limitless TV series

Yeah… okay;


So I recently started (aka. today) to watch this new show. The story is based on the 2011 movie starring Bradley Cooper (on whom I have a huge fangirl crush), and is one of my favorite movies. I was kind of skeptical about this TV adaptation because the main actor Jake McDorman doesn’t have Cooper’s appeal to me, let’s say. But anyway, I was totally bored today, I had some free time so I thought “let’s give the pilot a chance !”

&You know what ? I’ve watched three episodes so far and I kinda got into it… well, Jake’s character story is basically the same as Cooper’s in the movie, which I found unoriginal and like, they could have come up with something else since they don’t play the same person & Cooper is actually present in the series… so it’s kinda weird they both share the same character story without being the same character ( ? )


Apart from that, there is minor differences and I hope they will differentiate them even more in the next episodes, because up until now Jake’s just like Cooper’s doppelgänger, except less charming. For Dexter fans (me !!) Jennifer Carpenter who used to play the beautiful foul-mouthed Debra is on this show ! She plays a cop again… okay, she’s an FBI agent here not a Lieutenant in Homicide. She’s prettier than ever, I miss hearing her come up with all kinds of curse words, but her character is the most entertaining one on Limitless.

Would I recommend watching this series ? I think yeah. I mean, there’s definitively no way I’m stopping now, like I said I got caught up into it and I’m curious about what’s going to happen next on the show. There’s many positive things that could attract the audience’s attention : give it a chance if you like stories with action, and FBI involvement, and a powerful mysterious drug that opens the full capacity of someone’s brain… and Jennifer Carpenter 😛




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