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Batman: Arkham Knight (2015 – ) Tome 1

*Spoiler Alert*
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Based on the action-adventure game Batman: Arkham Knight, this new DC Comics series features great illustrations, an interesting storyline, and many supervillains such as Harley Quinn (who looks fantastic as hell), Cobblepot aka. Penguin, Killer Croc, Scarecrow and many more…

It starts with the death of The Joker, Batman thinks he’s done with him but soon realizes the Clown left deadly surprises all over Gotham. Harley has gone insane of course, her puddin’ is no longer alive so she swears to kill Batman first chance she gets and makes an alliance with Penguin.

For once I’m actually scared of all the villains and full on Batman’s side; there’s a new lunatic in town finishing off who Bat arrests, and kinda dressing up like him, holding to The Joker’s diary he found at Arkham Asylum – four words : this can’t be good !

One thing to note though, I bought the first tome that was supposed to collect issues #1-6 and well, it does not. It only has #1-4 print versions… two comics missing there, so I would not recommend buying it. Get yourself the single print versions issues and not the standard ones, because you’ll need to buy about 3 / 4 of those to top one print version. It’s not worth it, they’ve basically cut the stories where it shouldn’t end. Also no worries, you can get the print versions digitally, like I did 😛



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