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Supergirl comics sale !


As most of you already know, I’ve got a thing for digital comics (versus printed ones). Let’s be honest, owning a printed comic is always the best… except if you’re non-stop traveling and definitively can’t bring / buy all the comics you want 😦 thanks to websites like Comixology, people like me get to have their comic book library with them basically at all times; which is awesome !

Right now there’s a sale going on for Supergirl, so if you’ve seen the first pilot of the TV series and dig the storyline, I suggest you head over Comixology to get you something from the Girl of Steel ! I got myself the very first comic she appeared in, Action Comics series started in 1938, number 252 & the last Supergirl (2011 – 2015) as part of The New 52, Volume 1 which compiles 6 issues. I’ve never read anything Supergirl related until now, but after seeing the show I really want to get more into that character, so I can’t wait to read these !



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