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Supergirl review of the first pilot

Wasn’t it amazing ?! Yes it was !


OMG Melissa Benoist is the cutest, prettiest Supergirl ever… I have a huge crush on her character in the show : she’s perfect for this role !

I had my doubts at first I must admit, first she’s not the typical blonde, she’s more strawberry blonde, but mostly I was anxious the series would be too cheesy;

so okay, this was only the first episode shown yet, but I gotta say it’s as awesome as The Flash. If you like the mood in that series, you are for sure gonna love Supergirl, it’s just so exciting ! I am already totally addicted.

I mean this show looks like it’s going to give everything I like, which are a superhero battling supervillains with crazy powers, flying around, fighting to save a city and its people. It has a nice feeling, and teaching feminist endeavor, which is cool.

Anyway, I don’t really want to “review” the episode as in spoil it because seriously you should watch it and see for yourself, maybe you’ll love it just as much as I do. In this review I’ll just say that I’m into this new series, and I’m ready to watch more !



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