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Editorial #3


After taking some time for myself, and a break from my social media websites, I have come back from a well deserved vacation, totally relaxed. I have enjoyed one of the best summer in years, travelled across five countries in Europe and spent time with my family.

I haven’t just being lazy and not do anything… I’ve worked on this website. As most of my older followers remember, Geekland magazine used to be published on my personal blog. Well, no more ! It has received such positive feedbacks, not only from fans but other press related, news and features online, that I have decided to give a proper website to my mag, and here it is !

Welcome to the official webpage for geek fandom & randomness, where I’ll be sharing everything I care about… going from the usual, covering cons and meeting with cosplayers and celebrities – meeting actors is my new favorite thing, as you may have noticed, I have been taking many portraits 🙂

Also new things coming ! I won’t tell you anymore about it for now, it’s kind of like a surprise, but let’s say the focus of this mag will display more contents and widely, all still part of the geek culture of course 😛

That’s it for this third editorial, I’m still so new at it but I have a feeling I’m getting better with time… I already know what direction I’m taking & how to do most of “it”. Thanks to every reader & a mega thank you to the people sharing the mag’ and the conventions having me, letting me report about their awesomeness !


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