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American Ultra


I don’t get why most of the reviews are negative for this movie : I had so much fun watching it ! Some scenes are totally hilarious… no way people just sat there, not laughing; the whole action, spy junkies, crazy couple, and monkey comics integrated were awesome.

I really enjoyed it, especially because I’m in love with Kristen Stewart and she was gorgeous. From loving girlfriend, she became a badass at the end *this is not a real spoiler, so calm your tits guys*

     Although if you don’t want spoilers, don’t read past this line     

It’s a great comedy, one of the best I’ve seen this year. The open ending gives a go for a sequel and please, I don’t care about all those other bad reviews, make it happen ! There are people (like me), who actually loved this movie and really want to see a second one. So, Max Landis if you’re reading this : don’t give up the sequel idea. There are fans counting on you 🙂

PS. & make Kristen more kickass, pleaseeeeee’

I mean, I liked everything about it. Especially the Apollo Ape comics fiction was super fun, and I only wished they did more of it… like that pseudo-monkey disease that puts the town in quarantine, but is fake. It’ll always be an unsatisfied desire, but if there had been actual monkeys released in the scenes it would have been just perfect (-ly insane and exactly the type of stuff I crave for).

Okay guys, go watch it, you should have a good time. It’s a no-brainer, it’s nice for just sitting back while eccentric action is happening.


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