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My favorite Tumblr blogs

There are awesome Geek & Nerd Tumblrs out there !

My favorite Tumblr blogs

The Comics Vault

Mainly comic book illustrations related, what I dig the most about this blog is that there’s some vintage treasures šŸ˜‰

My favorite Tumblr blogs

Super Nerd

Posting some amazing artworks ! DC and Marvel on the menu.

My favorite Tumblr blogs

Comic Book Artwork

Just as it’s specified in the title, it’s a collection of artworks, but only from Marvel.

My favorite Tumblr blogs

Spaceship Rocket

Various stuff here, covers, posters, illustrations, etc… It’s a good one.

My favorite Tumblr blogs

Sagan Sense

For science enthusiasts. Interesting posts about diverse subjects from all fields.


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